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Centrifugal Casting

Continuous Casting Insert

Just as the name indicates, centrifugal casting is a method where a molten metal is poured by an inertial force created by rotation.

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Movement of a melt
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Centrifugal Casting
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Centrifugal Mold

True centrifugal casting

Centrifugal casting method uses a centrifugal force by adding pressure to a molten metal. In other words, a part of higher quality is obtained by rotating a mold while pouring a molten metal into it, adding pressure to the mold with the centrifugal force and separating impurities to the internal surface by the force. There are methods of rotating around a vertical axis and of rotating around a horizontal axis, and the molten metal is pushed by a high-speed rotating. The core is not used.

  diameter max. length
min. max.
No.1 ∅1,000 ∅1,500 900L
No.2 ∅500 ∅1,000 900L
No.3 ∅180 ∅500 900L
No.4 ∅180 ∅500 900L