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Electric Furnace (Melting) - high frequency induction melting furnace

Melting furnace No. 1 power equipment
Melting furnace No. 1 furnace internal drawing
Melting furnace No. 1 furnace

Merits of high-frequency induction heating

Electromagnetic induction, which is the basics of all induction heating, was introduced by Michael Faraday in 1831, and the theory has been applied in relation to motors, transformers, radio broadcasting, etc. in the past 160 years. According to the theory, when an alternating current flows in one loop of a wire, a magnetic flux interlinks it with the other loop of wire so that current flows in the latter loop of wire as well. High-frequency heating means adding heat by means of an induced current which flows in a neighboring conductor based on this theory.

Merits of high-frequency induction heating

A. In case of surface quenching

  • The cost of materials and processing is reduced because only a specific part is rapidly heated.
  • Amount of time for processing can be reduced and automation is available.
  • It is less polluting.
  • Even an extremely shallow depth of quenching can be achieved, so precise processing is possible.
  • Depth of quenching is adjustable.
  • Local heating is available.
  • Mass effect is reduced.
  • Better quenching effect can be obtained when compared with cementation, etc.

B. In case of heat forging

  • Heat can be added at an even heating temperature.
  • Less scale is formed, and there is less coarsening and decarbonizing of particles, so high-quality heating is possible.
  • Tack system can be applied.
  • Quality control is easy to accomplish.
  • It is less polluting.
  • Instant starts and stops are possible and can be applied anytime at once.
Melting furnace Spec.   Capacity Type The velocity of dissolution Producer
No.1 350kW 1000Hz 800Kg Dual 1.180Kg/hr Inductotherm Korea.
No.2 300kW 1000Hz 800Kg Multi 1.180Kg/hr Inductotherm Korea.
No.3 350kW 1000Hz 800Kg Dual 1,180Kg/hr Inductotherm Korea.