Manufacturing Equipment Status

Yangyang Metal



It has the longest history among machine tools and is a typical type of a machine tool that is often used. Since H. Maudslay created a lathe attached with a modern slide rest in 1877, works by human hands using bites have been transformed into machine operations. In addition, precise processing of various machine parts as well as precise threading came to be possible due to the operation of lathes based on mechanical power.

Main components include beds, headstocks, tailstocks, carriages, tool posts and transporting units. A processed article is fixed between the headstock and the tail stock, and the rotary motion is designed to be provided by the headstock.

Lathe HANKOOK HML 580-1000
HANKOOK HPL 720-2000
HANKOOK HPL 900-3000
NAMSUN NSL 700-2000G