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Phosphor Bronze CASTING - PBC

Increasing the amount of added phosphorus, which is used as a deoxidizer when bronze is melted and casted so that phosphorus remains in the alloy at the proportion of 0.05-0.5%, increases the hardness and strength of the alloy. Alloys where phosphorus is added at the proportion of not more than 1% in bronze for this purpose is called phosphor bronze.

Corrosion resistance of phosphor bronze is better than bronze, and it has less abrasion loss and good wear resistance, and thus is used for components of motors for elevators.

Phosphor Bronze CASTING
Type Code Chemical Composition (Mass %) Tensile strength
    Cu Sn Pb Zn Fe Ni P Al Mn STD No. Designation STD No. Designation
PBC2(Type2) CAC502 87.0~91.0 9.0~12.0 0~0.3 0~0.3 0~0.2 0~1.0 0.05~0.5 0 0 295 H5113 PBC2 B505 C90250
PBC3(Type3) CAC503 84.0~88.0 12.0~15.0 0~0.3 0~0.3 0~0.2 0~1.0 0.05~0.5 0 0 265 H5113 PBC3 B505 C90900
Product Name Property of Alloy Use
PBC2(Type2) Good in terms of corrosion resistance and wear resistance Gears – Worm gears, bearings, bushings, sleeves, impellers, components of general machines, etc.
PBC3(Type3) Good in terms of hardness and wear resistance Sliding components, hydraulic cylinders, sleeves, gears, various paper rollers, etc.