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Band Saw Cut


A type of machine saw.

It is a type of saw which is made in the form of a ring by setting a saw at the edge of a belt-shaped steel plate and connecting the two ends of the plate and which is installed in a band saw to cut metals or woods by rotating it at a high speed. The shape of the saw tooth is different depending on the type and nature of materials. Also, the edge of the saw tooth is alternately bent or broadened from side to side to avoid friction between the saw (body of the saw) and materials. Carbon tool steel or alloy steel is used as the material of the band saw because they are strong and viscous.

Band Saw Spec. Producer  
400 mm DAITO GA410W
460 mm EVERIRING S-460HF
600 mm MAXS H-560HFA

H-Series(Pillar-type: Small-medium) (MAXS)

MAXS H-560HFA - 1
  • Stable cutting by double columns
  • Stable PF hydraulic control cutting system (Feedback control system)
  • 9 Step-cutting system of NC function
  • Minimizing residues by letting the saw tooth pass through the front base
  • Use of hydraulic blade tension system and PLC – linear velocity control by non-step variable speed inverter
  • Centralized touch panel control system – Automatic chip conveyor system